Ciné-Café „La sociologue et l’ourson“ de Etienne Chaillou, Mathias Thery (2015)

Five years ago, the „Mariage pour tous“ in France

Ciné-Café „La sociologue et l'ourson“ de Etienne Chaillou, Mathias Thery (2015)

Tuesday 15th May at 20:30, the French ciné-café starts again!

From September 2012 to May 2013, the French population is locked in a struggle concerning the same-sex mariage bill. During those nine months of debate, the sociologue Irène Théry tells her son the implications and stakes of this debate. From this, a theatre of plush and toys is born. This movie, the intimiste portrait of a national story, invites you to discover anew what we all think we know perfectly well : Family.